Vectren Pipeline Replacement Projects

Vectren Corporation is actively working in the City of Kettering to replace gas mains and service lines over the next several years.   If you have any questions or concerns, please call Vectren at 800-227-1376 or the City Engineering Department at 937-296-2436.
Vectren Gas Pipeline Press Release March 2021
Vectren Map of Projects
  • Dixie, Stockton, Evelyn, Constance, Bowman, Springhill (V-734)
  • Prosser, Carrollton, Mayo, Sacramento, Crauder  (V 1273)
  • S Patterson, Springhill, Adirondack Trail, Evelyn, Willowgrove (V-1276)
  • W Dorothy, Cathy, Hillview, Rue Royale (V-1317)
  • Hadley, San Rae, Oak Park, Monteray, Peach Orchard, Delmonte 4-15-21
  • Greenmont Village (V-1303)
  • Eldorado (MOD 65)
  • Hale, Circleview, Eureka, Hampton, Delta, West (DIMP 65)


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