Utility Companies

The City manages the use of public rights of way based on Chapter 901 of the City’s Codified Ordinances. Chapter 901 was revised, effective July 24, 2018.
 View Chapter 901 – Right of Way Ordinance
Regulations for Placement of Communication Facilities
Utility companies having a system within the public right of way are required to obtain and keep an up-to-date Certificate of Registration and a Minor Maintenance Permit with the City’s Engineering Department. There is a yearly fee associated with these permits.
Certificate of Registration – Fillable
Minor Maintenance Application Updated 8/20/2018 – Fillable

For further information about Small Cell or MicroWireless facilities go to Small Cell Facilities Small Cells under the Engineering Department page.


Utility companies have a few extra steps that need to be taken in order to obtain a Right of Way Construction Permit for the City of Kettering.  Since you are applying on behalf of a utility company, you will need to submit a Construction Permit Application (CPA).
  1. Fill out a Utility Construction Permit Application Revised 3-10-22
  2. You may submit the CPA to the City of Kettering Engineering department via email to ketteringengineering@ketteringoh.org  OR you may apply online for a utility permit by going to Access Kettering OR submit a physical application to the City of Kettering Engineering Department located in the Kettering Government Center at 3600 Shoryer Road.  Our offices are open 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., weekdays, excluding holidays.
Access Kettering Instructions for UTILITY COMPANY
Utility Construction Permit Application Revised 3-10-22
All Construction activity that takes place in the City of Kettering right of way must follow the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) for temporary traffic control in the roadway. View the OMUTCD
For questions, call 937-296-2436 or email at KetteringEngineering@ketteringoh.org
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