In recent years Kettering City Council placed a focus on transparency because we believe it is your right to understand how your tax money is used to better our community.

Whether you are looking for detailed information on city spending, a searchable database of city salaries or archived video of every City Council meeting, our website provides you this information and more.

We are pleased to provide a new interface that creates user friendly access to detailed city financial information.  We believe in financial transparency and making city information accessible for our residents is a priority for City Council and administration.

Find detailed city spending records on our new Ohio Checkbook financial records tool.

You can search our complete city employee salary database¬†which includes 2014, 2015 & 2016 data.¬† We have submitted our 2017 city salary information to the State Treasurer’s Office for inclusion in the searchable database.

While we await the information being updated on the State Treasurer’s site, please see this downloadable PDF of the full spreadsheet.


Collective Bargaining Agreements:

AFSCME Public Service Bargaining Agreement

Firefighter Bargaining Agreement

Fire Captains Bargaining Agreement

Police Patrol Officer Bargaining Agreement

Police Dispatcher Bargaining Agreement

Police Command Bargaining Agreement



Employment Contracts:

City Employee Contracts

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