Traffic Signal Replacements – Phase 2

Status Update: October 19, 2021: The new traffic signals at the six locations below are now active .

Handicap ramp reconstruction continues at all intersections.

Bid Date: February 20, 2020

Project Description and Limits: This project consists of the reconstruction of six traffic signals.

• East Dorothy Lane at Valleywood Drive
• Forrer Blvd. at Culver Avenue
• Woodman Drive at South Aragon Avenue
• Woodman Drive at Forrer Blvd.
• Woodman Drive at Adventure Drive
• East Dorothy Lane at Powhattan Place

Buried fiber-optic interconnection conduit will be installed along Woodman Drive, from Aragon Avenue to Forrer Blvd, and along Dorothy Lane, from Prentice Drive to Powhattan Place. The project will also include new traffic surveillance cameras. Street lights will be added to the signal poles.

Bid Results

Bid Tab

Contractor: Capital Electric

Project Engineer: Irina Titova-Spang, P.E.




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