Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering Includes:

• Traffic Operations
• Traffic Signals
• Transportation Safety Section
Traffic Engineering manages the transportation system so that it provides for the safe mobility of the traveling public. This includes maintenance to traffic signals for the City’s 250 miles of streets, review of traffic-related components for proposed development projects, providing for transportation planning and design for City capital improvement projects, maintaining the traffic crash analysis program and coordinating safety education with the Kettering schools.

Operational Programming:


The City of Kettering was one of the first local municipalities to develop and utilize Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS is an advanced surveillance, communication, control and computing system along with engineering management methods that enables a city to increase safety, reduce congestion and improve productivity of our transportation systems.  The City’s ITS is called “KARTS,” (Kettering Area Responsive Traffic System) – This program features the use of the computerized signal control system to safely increase traffic capacity and reduce stops on the major streets.  As a result of accident analysis, intersection timing and phasing adjustment it is possible to reduce accidents and improve the efficiency of traffic flow.

Traffic Cameras

Cameras at Kettering’s busiest intersections are used to review and verify traffic flow and other conditions along the roadways that could have a direct impact on the motoring public.  The cameras are routinely used to verify traffic incidents, coordinate emergency response, coordinate and maintain traffic flow, perform traffic studies, and ascertain environmental conditions.

Traffic Signs and Markings

Call Engineering at (937) 296-2436 or email concerning why a section of the city is signed or marked and to discuss any traffic issue that is of concern.  Routine maintenance of existing signs should be reported to the Street Department at (937) 296-2472 and emergencies or hazardous situations should be reported to Kettering Police Department at (937) 296-2555.

Visibility Issues

Call the Engineering Department at (937) 296-2436 or e-mail to report a visibility problem at an intersection or driveway, trees or bushes overhanging the walkway, or trees over the roadway interfering with vehicular traffic.
All construction activity that takes place in the City of Kettering right of way must follow the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) for temporary traffic control in the roadway.  Click to view the OMUTCD
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