FAQ Topic: Permits & Inspections

How long is the permit valid, and when is it closed?

The permit is valid for six months from the time of issuance or the date of the last approved inspection, whichever is most recent. Expired permits require renewal or re-issuance with additional fees. The permit is closed when the final inspection is completed and the work is approved for compliance with the applicable codes. The … Continued

When can I start work?

You may begin work immediately after the permit is issued and fees are paid. Emergency repair/replacement (i.e., water heater, furnace) can proceed as long as the application is submitted immediately.

How and when do I pay for a permit?

The fees are outlined in the Fee Schedule. Some permits may require an up front plan review fee with the balance due when the permit is issued. You may pay by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

How long does it take to receive a permit?

Our goal is to have all reviews complete within two weeks. Simple permits that do not require drawings review are usually issued within a few days.  If changes or additional information is required the process may take longer.

What is a permit?

A permit is a license allowing you or a contractor to perform work on your house or building. It is issued to the owner or the owner’s agent, such as the contractor, sub-contractor or other person responsible for the work being done, and it identifies the required inspections. Permitting requirements are governed by City ordinances, … Continued

Do I need a permit for work being done at my property?

In the City of Kettering, there are certain residential construction projects which require a permit, such as electrical work, plumbing, heating, fences, sheds or pools. Our Planning & Development Department can assist you with questions specific to your project.

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