Strategic Plan

At the beginning of 2023, Kettering residents answered the call to join City staff and City Council to help propel our beloved city forward under the guidance of a new Strategic Plan.

Because of the help and input from community stakeholders, we are ready to embark upon the new five-year strategic plan for the City of Kettering. We are excited to introduce this roadmap we drew as a community to guide our collective efforts in advancing a thriving and dynamic municipality. This plan is the culmination of extensive collaboration of residents, business owners, educators and employees who considered the successes and challenges of the previous plan while aligning new goals, objectives and actions with the City’s overall vision, mission and values.

The City’s previous plan had seven goals, and this version was streamlined to six—all containing specific strategies for which action steps will be created and completed as scheduled. This plan represents good stewardship as the City and its stakeholders commit to its goals and strategies. Kettering is a one-of-a-kind city with a rich history. The City is uniquely positioned to take on new challenges and be proactive in preparing for the future. Undertaking a strategic planning process is a bold step in charting a path forward for internal operations and the community. The Strategic Plan will help guide and influence the City’s budget, capital improvement decisions and comprehensive plans, as well as ensure Kettering’s success for decades to come.

The plan outlines six key goal areas: service delivery, economic opportunity, engaged and active lifestyle, livability, sustainability and the Kettering Story (communicating our story to residents.

  1. High-Quality Services: Provide high quality government services that are sustainable, effective, innovative, collaborative and respectful.
  2. Economic Opportunity: Foster a healthy and diverse local economy that provides opportunities for employment, attracts new businesses, supports existing businesses and creates prosperity for the community.
  3. Engaged and Active Lifestyle: A vibrant and welcoming community for all people, through activities, creativity and opportunities to be engaged.
  4. Livability: A safe and livable community with a high quality of life, active transportation networks and housing options for all residents with opportunities for education, enrichment and engagement.
  5. Sustainability: A healthy, sustainable environment where decisions are made with an understanding of how they will affect the environment, people and communities today and in the future.
  6. The Kettering Story: An intentional and coordinated communication strategy sharing Kettering’s many assets to a broad audience consisting of existing and potential residents, businesses, employees, visitors and decision makers.

As we move forward with the implementation of the 2024–2029 Strategic Plan, we encourage all of you to embrace the opportunities to contribute to our collective goals. Your expertise and commitment to excellence drive Kettering’s continued success. From here, internal groups will be formed to develop or recommend actions that ensure strategies and goals are being accomplished during the next five years. We will report our progress to our residents and businesses.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see this labor of love get its final stamp of approval!  City staff is eager to roll up their sleeves and lead the way to accomplishing the goals so important to all of you and our community.

Strategic Plan Document

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