Smoke Detectors Available

Where Do I get One?

In an effort to encourage good fire prevention and detection habits; the Kettering Fire Department will provide a smoke detector to Kettering residents in need. Below are the parameters for distributing smoke detectors to residents. Smoke detectors will be available to residents upon request as supplies allow.
Smoke detectors will be available at Kettering Fire Department Headquarters during normal business hours. Residents should call ahead at 937-296-2489. Installation will be the responsibility of the resident and should be in accordance with the manufactures recommendations. In exchange for the smoke detector, the resident will provide a written fire evacuation plan. KFD will assist the resident in developing an evacuation plan and answer any questions they may have.
Escape Planning Tips
Smoke Alarm Safety Tips
Fire HQ | 4745 Hempstead Station Drive Kettering Ohio 45429 | 937-296-2489
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