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Sidewalk, Curb and Drive Approach Repair – 2020 Project


Status Update:

July 10, 2020: The contractor is working on Beaver Creek Lane and Mohican Avenue and will move to the Annabelle Drive neighborhood.

In late August crews will be on Berna Lane and Algood Place and then finish up with the miscellaneous locations throughout the city. Anticipated final completion of this project is October, 2020.

Bid Date:  February 27, 2020

Project Description: This project includes concrete repair of deteriorated curbs, sidewalks and drive approaches. Property owners will be responsible for the necessary repairs to the curbs, sidewalks, and drive approaches and will be assessed the cost for the repairs. The roads will be resurfaced in a future year.

Project Limits:
The project will include improvements on the following streets:

  • Berna Lane
  • Algood Place
  • Beaver Creek Lane
  • Mohican Avenue—north of Dorothy Lane
  • Annabelle Drive
  • Clarissa Avenue—Annabelle Drive to Valleywood Drive
  • Willamet Road—Annabelle Drive to Valleywood Drive
  • Miscellaneous properties throughout the city.  


Bid Results

Bid Tab

Contractor: R.A. Miller Construction

Project Engineer:  Diane Wuensch, P.E.


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