Sidewalk, Curb and Drive Approach Repair

Status Update:

August 11, 2017:  The contractor is completing the second sides of Alvarado, Baylor, Tiffany and Braddock—Hackney to Stroop.  Work will soon begin with full curb replacement on the east side of Braddock from Hackney to Olsen.  The contractor will begin work on Delaney in approximately 2 weeks.



August 4, 2017:  One side of  Alvarado, Baylor, Braddock and Tiffany have been completed.  The contractor will begin work on the west Delaney and continue with the other sides of the above streets next week.

July 18, 2017:  The contractor has begun.

July 12, 2017:  Concrete sawing will begin the last week of July.

June 19, 2017:  Construction is expected to begin in late July.

Project Description:
This project includes repair of deteriorated concrete curbs, drive approaches and sidewalks.  Property owners are responsible for the necessary repairs of the curbs, drive approaches and sidewalks and be assessed the cost for the repairs.  After the concrete work has been completed, the road will be repaved at a future time.  Click below to view informational letter sent to residents.
Info Letter Sent to Residents
 Project Limits:  
The project will include improvements on Alvarado Street, Baylor Court, Braddock Street, Delaney Street and Tiffany Drive.  Click below to view a map of streets included in this year’s program.
Map of Streets to be Repaired
America’s Decorative Concrete
1857 ST RT 571 W
Greenville, OH 45331
Bid Results:
2017 Sidewalk Repair Bid Results
2017 Sidewalk Repair Bid Tab
Project Engineer:  Diane Wuensch, P.E.


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