Sidewalk, Curb and Drive Approach Repair – 2023 Project


Project Description

This project includes concrete repair of deteriorated curbs, sidewalks and drive approaches. Property owners will be responsible for the necessary repairs to the curbs, sidewalks, and drive approaches and will be assessed the cost for the repairs. The roads will be resurfaced after concrete repairs are complete, except for random locations.

Project Limits

North and East Aragon Avenue, Aurora Street, Bingham Avenue, Crestwell Place, Dunhill Place, Galewood Street, Lowell Court, Talisman Drive, Whitney Place, and random locations.

Project Updates

  • Project is now complete.  Final Assessment letters will be mailed in the Spring 2024.
Bid Date:  February 9, 2023

Bid Results                                       Bid Tab

Contractor: R.A. Miller

Project Engineer:  Mike Zink, P.E.


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