Road Construction Updates

The City of Kettering Engineering Department will be very active in 2017 with construction projects throughout the City of Kettering.  Details on the major projects are provided below and will be updated weekly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Engineering Department at 296-2436.

Shroyer Road

PROJECT UPDATE:  Crews on Shroyer Road replaced curb ramps at the intersections as well as sections of sidewalk. Work began at the north corp limit and will continue south in the south bound curb lane next week. Traffic is reduced to one lane south bound during the day, but is opened back up in the evenings if all the areas are safe for travel.

Montgomery County Environmental Services also worked in the south bound curb lane between the intersections of Lincoln Park and Storms Road. They have completed the water main taps along Shroyer Road onto the new water line. Final restoration of Shroyer Road should take place in the next week upon completion of the water line work.

Paving is scheduled to begin on Shroyer Road at the end of July.

The City of Kettering will complete a joint project with the City of Oakwood to upgrade Shroyer Road.  The Kettering portion of the project is asphalt resurfacing from Stroop Road to the Kettering/Oakwood corporation line.  The Oakwood portion of the project runs from the Kettering/Oakwood corporation line northbound to the Oakwood/Dayton corporation line, which is the entire 1.1 mile section of Shroyer Road in Oakwood.  The Oakwood portion includes asphalt resurfacing and a roadway change involving the Road Diet design concept.  The vehicle lanes on Shroyer Road will be reduced from four to three, only in the Oakwood section of the roadway.  This is a federally funded project planned through the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Wilmington Pike

PROJECT UPDATE:  Construction to relocate a gas main on the west side of Wilmington Pike between Marshall Road and Stroop Road is planned to continue through mid-July. During working hours, one of two southbound travel lanes will remain open to traffic. Southbound drivers may consider an alternate route during peak traffic hours.  Construction of the sidewalk and street lights is scheduled to begin in mid-July.

The City of Kettering remains committed to acting as a catalyst for reinvestment in Wilmington Pike for both economic purposes and for the impact the corridor has on our residents as well.

2017 will be another year of major reinvestment in the Wilmington Pike corridor.

This summer the City will begin major streetscape improvements on the Wilmington Pike corridor between Stroop and Marshall Roads.  Both sides of the street will have new streetlights installed and abundant street trees planted.  On the west side of the corridor a brand new 8 foot multiuse path will be installed, offering a connection to existing regional bikeways and improved pedestrian access to businesses.

Stroop Road Bridge

PROJECT UPDATE:  Construction to relocate a water main on the north side of Stroop Road is planned to continue through June 30. One lane in each direction will be open to traffic, but shifts should be expected. Consider an alternate route during peak traffic hours.

In 2016, the City of Kettering completed a repaving project on the portion of Stroop Road between Shroyer Road and Dorothy Lane.  During the project, existing deterioration in the beams of the bridge on Stroop Road, approximately 1,600 feet east of Woodman Drive, was exposed and in several areas the milling further compromised the integrity of the bridge.

The Montgomery County Engineer owns the bridge, and has determined that temporary safety measures must remain in place until the bridge can be replaced. These measures include reducing traffic to one lane in each direction along Stroop Road, and a 15 ton maximum weight restriction for vehicles traveling over the bridge.

In the coming months please be alert for the start of construction and necessary traffic control measures.  We do anticipate that this section of Stroop Road will be closed entirely for portions of the project.  Please watch our website, monthly Starter e-newsletter and social media accounts for the most up to date information on the project timeline and traffic impacts.

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