Ridgeway Road Bridge Replacement

Status Update: The bridge is now opened to through traffic.
The public art was installed, the hillsides around the bridge will be restored and seeded for new grass and final cleanup work will be completed. A permanent vandal prevention fence will be installed on both sides of the bridge near the end of September. In the meantime, a temporary vandal fence is in place on the bridge sidewalks until the permanent fence is installed.


Bid Date: October 8, 2020.

Ridgeway Bridge Presentation

Project update postcard mailed, November 2020
Project Description: Complete replacement of the Ridgeway Road Bridge over West Dorothy Lane.
Project Limits:  Ridgeway Road Bridge over West Dorothy Lane



Contractor: Brumbaugh Construction


Project Engineer: Steve Bergstresser, P.E.
Email:  steven.bergstresser@ketteringoh.org
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