Regional Coordinators

Use the map below to find your region number. Match the number on the table to find out who your coordinator is and how to contact them.

If you are interested in becoming a Group or Regional Coordinator, please contact the Crime Prevention Officer at 296-2458.


RegionCoordinatorPhone / Email
201-1Patricia Cavanaugh(937) 474-3286
201-2Patricia Cavanaugh(937) 474-3286
202-1Coordinator Needed!
202-2Coordinator Needed!
203-1Lainie Dean
203-2Tess Scherick(937) 643-1850
204-1Julie Gilmore(937) 293-3600
204-2Laurel Hemmelgarn(937) 293-1736
205-1JoAnn Keys(937) 298-2526
206-1Andrew Marshall(937) 271-7337
206-2Joanne & Gordon Fuchs(937) 434-3098
207-1Cheryl Graham(937) 477-6195
208-1Coordinator Needed!
208-2Coordinator Needed!
209-1Leanne Hardenbrook(937) 643-0869
210-1Judy Reitz(937) 254-5478
210-2Judy Reitz(937) 254-5478
211-1Coordinator Needed!
212-1Coordinator Needed!
213-1Carol Basham(937) 259-0788
213-2Coordinator Needed!
213-3Coordinator Needed!
214-1Diane Eber(937) 294-1810
214-2Diane Eber(937) 294-1810
215-1Diana Clem(614) 600-0944
215-2Jason Dedario(937) 298-1762
215-3Coordinator Needed!
216-1Marilyn Knight(937) 299-8429
216-2 Mad. Grt.Carl Helms  (Madison’s Grant)
216-2 Mad. Grt.Bill Glasser (Madison’s Grant)(937) 320-5863
216-3Marynel Bradley(937) 435-9659
402-1Bill Bradley(937) 435-9659
402-2Bill Bradley(937) 435-9659
402-3Bob Dominy(937) 434-8437
402-4Diane Kaspar(937) 435-3554
Walden LakeRex Strine(937) 427-0447


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