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What happens to my yard debris?

Yard debris is used as part of our free mulch/compost program available for Kettering Residents.  The yard debris is ground in a tub grinder and sent to our composting site. After grinding, material is laid in rows to decompose. The rows are turned regularly to introduce air and moisture. The end product is a rich … Continued

I live on a cul-de-sac and the circle isn’t plowed to help me access my driveway. Why can’t the City do a better job?

Cul-de-sacs are especially difficult for snow removal operations. In a light snow, a circle may not receive treatment unless there is an incline. During plowing operations where all streets are plowed, drivers must push snow into available open spaces (i.e. around fire hydrants, between mailboxes, driveways and storm sewer inlets).  Many times, cul-de-sacs have parked … Continued

Can I set out other yard debris with my leaves?

No. Yard Debris other than leaves will clog our equipment. Examples of unacceptable yard debris include: grass clippings, mulch, landscape bark, mud, sticks, limbs or stones. For more information on yard debris disposal, please visit our yard debris page.

Where should I place the leaves I collect?

Collected leaves should NOT be placed in the street. We ask residents to place leaves between the curb and sidewalk. If your neighborhood does not have sidewalks, we ask that leaves be placed as close to the edge of the roadway as possible, taking particular care not to impede traffic or block storm drainage. Please … Continued

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