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2017 Income Limits
The City of Kettering’s housing stock is one of our most valuable assets. Kettering has one of the most diverse housing inventories in the area; including condominiums, patio homes, ranches, cape cods, townhouses, two-stories and even a high rise. The cost of Kettering’s housing is also very diverse; the City has to suit all lifestyles and life stages.
To keep our housing attractive and competitive in the local market, the City has several programs to assist home buyers wanting to purchase a home in Kettering (Home Buyer Assistance), or complete repairs on their existing home and renovate their home (Rehabbing A Home).  If you would like additional information regarding our programs, please contact us at 937-296-3224 extension 4022.
A Homeowner’s Story
Learn how one resident achieved his dreams.
David Deno Brandon Shares His Story
Services provided by the City of Kettering and the Planning & Development Department do not discriminate on the basis of age, handicap, race, sex, religion, ethnic background, family status or ancestry.
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