Participation Point System

Full-Time employees and Part-Time Firefighters are encouraged to participate in the incentive component of the program, where they earn, track, and submit points. In order to receive the applicable EarnBack or Cash Incentive, participants need to earn 420 Activity and 80 Non-Activity Points during the Wellness Year (November 1 – October 31).

There are a variety of ways participants can earn Activity Points. Walking, lifting weights, Zumba, running, basketball… the list goes on and on. Participants could quickly earn 420 Activity Points during the Wellness Year just by walking 30 minutes per day for 5 days a week.

Likewise, there are many ways to earn 80 Non-Activity Points. The Wellness Program sponsors many free screenings throughout the year. Just by participating in the free Annual Screening and Health Risk Assessment, participants earn 15 points—and actually a free fitness pass too! If a participant follows up with a dental exam and watches a short and informative Wellness Lecture every other month, they will quickly reach the 80 Non-Activity Points.

Participants must submit points as frequently as they choose; however, all points earned during a quarter must be submitted by the following established deadlines:

Points Earned November – January; Submit by February 10
Points Earned February – April; Submit by May 10
Points Earned May – July; Submit by August 10
Points Earned August – October; Submit by November 10

Activity Points

Activity Points are awarded based on the type and duration of exercise. Participants cannot earn more than 6 Activity Points per day. Details about exercise categories, criteria, and point values may be found in the Activity Workout Criteria document.

Activity Points are submitted online or via paper forms (Participation Logs).

Non-Activity Points

Non-Activity Points are awarded for things such as health screenings, preventative wellness checks, wellness lectures, etc. The amount of points varies by screening & type of activity. Activity opportunities and associated values are available in the Points System Document. Participants cannot earn more than 20 Non-Activity Points per day.

Non-Activity Points must be submitted on a paper form with any necessary support information (i.e. signatures, attendance slips).

Points Submission

Participants should keep copies of all point submissions for records in case a discrepancy arises. It’s also a good idea to double check point totals with your Employee Wellness Department Representative throughout the year.

Activity Points may be submitted online or via paper forms. Paper forms may be scanned and emailed to or sent to the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department Administrative Office (North Building).

Non-Activity Points must be submitted via a paper form with any necessary support documentation (i.e. signatures, attendance slips). Authorized signatures include those of a Department Wellness Representative, Nurse, Doctor, Physician’s Office, etc. Please be sure to review the Non-Activity Form or Points System Document for information on frequency of point allotments (i.e. you may only claim one Blood Pressure check per month).

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