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Part Time Firefighter Job Opportunity
Interested in becoming a Part Time Firefighter for the City of Kettering? Employment Opportunities:
 Part Time Firefighter (Paramedic/EMT) Recruitment Information

The Position

Entry-level part time firefighter (Paramedic/EMT) serves at the discretion of the Fire Chief to provide emergency response, mitigation, and support services. The position works under supervision to provide a variety of functions including: firefighting, rescue, emergency medical response and patient care, fire safety inspections, and public education. Upon appointment to the position, the probationary part time firefighter (Paramedic/EMT) remains at an entry pay rate for a minimum of one year, during which time proficiency in the basic operative skills must be acquired through formal instruction and on-the-job training. Pay advancement is based on the demonstrated attainment of a higher level of skill and expertise. There are minimum service requirements at each pay grade. Applicants should be aware that successful completion of extensive on-the-job orientation and core competency check-off trainings are required during the initial probationary period. A variety of shift work may be assigned ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours shifts. Schedules are subject to change and will be based on qualifications and department needs to provide effective and consistent emergency services.


The Part-Time Firefighter I/EMT Basic assignment is a non-classified and exempt part-time position with an hourly pay range of $12.67 to $17.91 (Pay Grade 842) contingent upon the candidate’s related skills, knowledge, and abilities. The Part-time Firefighter II / Paramedic assignment is a non-classified and exempt part-time position with an hourly pay range of $13.99 to $19.76 (Pay Grade 843) contingent upon the candidate’s related skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Starting Pay Ranges:

Firefighter I/EMT Basic $12.67 – $17.91 per hour
Firefighter II/Paramedic $13.99-$19.76 per hour
However, starting pay depends on candidate’s knowledge, skills, and experience.


Candidates must be certified by the State of Ohio as a Firefighter Level I and EMT- Basic at the time of application to be considered for appointment. Continued recertification is required throughout employment.

Age – Candidates must be at least 18 years of age at the time of appointment.
Physical Condition/Visual Acuity – Must be physically capable of performing all essential functions of a part time firefighter (paramedic/EMT). Must be free of any disqualifying medical condition that results in not being able to perform the essential functions of a part time firefighter (paramedic/EMT) and must pass a thorough medical examination and an assessment of physical capabilities consistent with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) medical standards. Any final questions about a candidate’s physical condition, weight, capacity, vision, etc. will be resolved prior to appointment based on a recommendation provided by a doctor selected by the City.

Ohio Operator’s License – Within 60 days of appointment, appointee must obtain a valid State of Ohio Driver’s License.

U.S. Citizen – Must be a United States citizen or have a valid permanent resident card at the time of application.

Selection Process:
Initial applications will be reviewed for appropriate job qualifications. Applicants selected to continue will be notified regarding subsequent phases of processing, which will include:
• Background check (credit, police record, work and personal references, etc.)
• Personal interview
• Polygraph
• Psychological assessment
• Thorough medical examination and assessment of physical capabilities
• Successful completion of a one-year probationary period
Inability to satisfactorily complete any phase of this process or failure to appear for any phase may be cause for elimination from consideration.
Candidates interested in this employment opportunity, should submit an Application, Resume and Cover Letter, including copies of required certifications and a brief overview of relevant work experience and education to: Assistant Chief Mike Miller, Kettering Fire Department, 4745 Hempstead Station Dr., Kettering, OH 45429. Positions are open until filled.
Job Description
Application Packet
Thank you for your interest in Kettering Fire Department’s Part Time Firefighter program.
Fire HQ | 4745 Hempstead Station Drive Kettering Ohio 45429 | 937-296-2489
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