Office of the City Manager

Welcome to the Office of the City Manager
The City of Kettering operates under a Council-Manager form of government. The City Council makes policy and the City Manager executes that policy. This is much like a corporation in which the Citizens are like stockholders, the Council is like the Board of Directors and the City Manager is like the Chief Executive Officer. City Council appoints the City Manager who serves an indefinite term at the discretion of the Council. All City employees except the Clerk of Council and her assistants are appointed by the City Manager.


City Manager
Matt Greeson
  • Is appointed by City Council
  • Serves as Chief Executive Officer of the city
  • Is under direction of Mayor and Council
  • Is responsible for:
    • Proposing policy measures/initiatives for City Council consideration
    • Ensuring effective operation of city government
    • All City Department Heads report to the City Manager
Assistant City Manager
Steven E. Bergstresser, Assistant City Manager and City Engineer
  • Reports to and serves as an extension of the City Manager
  • Is responsible for:
    • Managing citywide¬† municipal radio communications contract
    • Coordinating matters pertaining to the Public Service Department, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts and Engineering
Assistant City Manager
Bryan Chodkowski
  • Reports to and serves as an extension of the City Manager
  • Is responsible for:
    • Coordinating matters pertaining to Economic Development , Planning and Development, Volunteer Office and Senior Services.
Economic Development Manager
Economic Development Mananger:
  • Reports to the Assistant City Manager and serves as the overseer of business development for the City
  • Is responsible for:
    • Maintaining effective working relationships with businesses in the City
    • Initiating, researching and developing strategic proposals in commercial property utilization, aquisition and deposition
    • Applying for grants and alternative income sources
Community Information Manager
Mary Azbill
Mailing Address
Office of the City Manager
Kettering Government Center
3600 Shroyer Road
Kettering, OH 45429
Phone Numbers
Phone: (937) 296-2412
Fax: (937) 296-2550
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