Oak Creek Improvements – Phase II

Status Update:

August 11, 2017: The contractor is continuing work on one side of Oakbrooke Drive, Acme Court and Bliss Place and then will move to Berrycreek Drive and Oakvista Place.  After completing one side of all streets, the contractor will begin work on the opposite sides of each street.  Pavement repairs and repaving of the roads will begin after all concrete work is completed.

August 4, 2017:  The contractor has completed one side of Sugar Maple and Colony Way.  They are currently working on east side  Oakbrooke.

July 12, 2017: Concrete saw-cutting is underway.  Concrete repairs will begin in the next few weeks.

May 18, 2017: Construction is now expected to begin in August 2017.

April 7, 2017:  Construction is expected to begin in May 2017.

January 27, 2017:  Preliminary assessment letters mailed to residents.
December 1, 2016:  Preliminary measurements are underway to prepare for a spring bid.

Project Description:
This project includes concrete repair of deteriorated curbs, sidewalks and drive approaches.  Property owners will be responsible for the necessary repairs to the curbs, sidewalks, and drive approaches and will be assessed for the repairs.  After the concrete work has been completed, the road will be milled and replaced.

Project Limits: 
The project will include improvements on Sugar Maple Drive, Colony Way, Acme Court, Bliss Place, Oakbrooke Drive, Ivyton Court, Berrycreek Drive and Oakvista Place.  Click below to view a map of the streets included in this year’s program.

Map of Streets to be Repaired
Info Letter to Residents

R.A. Miller Construction Co.

4148 Augspurger Road

Hamilton, OH 45001

Bid Results:

2017 Oak Creek Phase II Bid Results

2017 Oak Creek Phase II Bid Tab

Project Engineer:  Diane Wuensch, P.E.
Email:  Diane.Wuensch@ketteringoh.org


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