Kettering Police Department Plans to Enhance Safety and Transparency with Body-Worn Cameras

Posted on October 12, 2020

In light of local and national discussions focused on making law enforcement more transparent, Kettering’s Police Chief Chip Protsman reached out to the community in a public letter explaining department policies in place to address citizens’ concerns, as well as future plans to continue exceptional public safety services. One way the department plans to increase transparency is to outfit Kettering Police officers with body-worn cameras. This initiative will be presented to Kettering City Council members for approval at the October 13 meeting.

In addition to having in-car video cameras in their patrol vehicles, officers will be equipped with WatchGuard Video body-worn cameras. The cameras function as a camera and DVR combination to collect video and audio evidence.

The Kettering Police Department’s use of body worn video camera technology will be a valuable tool in accurately documenting events, actions, conditions and statements made during investigative stops, field interviews, arrests and critical incidents. The use of the cameras increases transparency, as well as provides an opportunity to capture the good work that the police officers do on a daily basis.

If approved, the City will purchase 90 WatchGuard body-worn cameras at a total cost of $236,030.

“I’m very proud of the men and women of the Kettering Police Department for their professionalism and how they treat the public with dignity and respect. The use of body-worn cameras will allow for more transparency and accountability which will strengthen our trusting partnership with the community,” stated Chief Chip Protsman.  “The cameras will also allow our citizens to have more opportunities to witness the tremendous work officers do every day.”

City Manager Mark Schwieterman added, “We appreciate the interest the community has shown for our officers’ wellbeing and hope to provide this next-level layer of comfort and transparency these cameras will add to Kettering’s public safety.”

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