Leaf Collection Update: Crews are currently working in District 5 and are progressing forward through the districts.  Districts are picked up in numerical order, so please have your leaves raked and placed by the curb before we get to your area. Please check the map for your leaf district.

Kettering Leadership Academy Advisory Council & Staff

The advisory council and staff provide overall strategic direction to the Leadership Academy and share its leadership style and experience with the class.
Advisory Council:
Pam Cochran
Town & Country Shopping Center
Mark Hufnagle
Manager, Client Contact Center Operations
Victoria’s Secret
Scott Inskeep
Kettering City Schools
Joe Nicosia
Chief Learning Officer
Kettering Medical Center Network
Walter Osborne
Christopher Protsman
Chief Police
City of Kettering
Terry Schalnat
Executive Director
We Care Arts
Advisory Staff:
Bruce Duke
Council Member
City of Kettering
Mary Lou Randolph
Volunteer Administrator
City of Kettering
Brittany Ingraham
Asst. Volunteer Administrator
City of Kettering

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