Interior Property Maintenance Standards

The City’s property maintenance code outlines specific requirements for building interiors.
City officials may inspect the following interior areas:
• Common building areas that are open to the public
• Private areas when invited into the unit by the owner or tenant
• Any areas where the City has acquired an administrative search warrant authorizing entry
Interior requirements goInterior-Hallwayvern natural light, ventilation, plumbing facilities, mechanical and electrical requirements, fire safety requirements and occupancy limitations. The maximum occupants per dwelling shall be per the area requirements outlined in Section 1324.404.6 of the City’s Property Maintenance Code.
The interior of all structures shall be maintained in a sanitary condition and owners of structures containing multiple units with shared/public areas shall be responsible for maintaining those areas in a clean and sanitary condition with unobstructed exits.
The Montgomery County Combined Health District operates a satellite office in Kettering where the Health Department may be contacted for further information regarding sanitation requirements for both residential and commercial establishments, including inspections of restaurants, grocery stores and swimming pools.  To reach the Health Department satellite office, call 937-296-2430.
The phone number for Montgomery County Combined Health District’s main office is 937-225-4395.
Property Maintenance Hotline: 937- 296-3286
Download the 2019 New Property Maintenance Code (complete)
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