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Winton House
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2016 Income Limits

The City of Kettering’s housing stock is one of our most valuable assets. Kettering has one of the most diverse housing inventories in the area; the City has condominiums, patio homes, ranches, cape cods, townhouses, two-stories and even a high rise. The cost of Kettering’s housing is also very diverse; the City has $70,000 homes and homes valued in excess of $2 million.

To keep our housing attractive and competitive in the local market, the City has several programs to assist home buyers wanting to purchase a home in Kettering (Down Payment Assistance), or complete repairs on their existing home and renovate their home (Rehabbing A Home).  If you would like additional information regarding our programs, please contact us at 937-296-3224 extension 4022.


A Homeowner’s Story

Learn how one resident achieved his dreams.

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David Deno Brandon Shares His Story

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