Economic Incentive Programs

The City of Kettering is committed to assisting current businesses as well as potential businesses in growing in our community. The City works with a number of community economic development partners to employ a variety of programs to encourage economic growth, including:

Kettering Incentive Program

This program is a direct payment on an annual basis, for companies that create new jobs. The amount of the grant is based on the payroll of new jobs created.
Companies must create new jobs in Kettering and invest in personal and/or real property.
For more information, please contact our Economic Development Manager.


City of Kettering Business Loan Program

The City’s Business Loan Program is designed to provide gap financing to businesses that are planning to locate in the City, expand their business and/or rehabilitate their present facility.
Funds are available on a first-come basis. Applications are reviewed by City staff and must be approved by a Loan Review Committee.
For more information, please contact our Economic Development Manager.


Economic Development/Government Equity (ED/GE)

Montgomery County’s Economic Development/Government Equity (ED/GE) program is designed to benefit companies that create and retain local jobs by investing in their growth in Montgomery County.  The competitive program distributes grant monies twice a year (spring and fall) to finance permanent improvement projects (new building construction, renovation, power upgrades, plumbing, parking, etc.)

Projects are chosen based on the following criteria:
1) retain or create jobs;
2) expand the local tax base;
3) provide infill growth in areas where infrastructure is already in place;
4) have a committed business as the end user.
For more information, please contact our Economic Development Manager.

City of Kettering Minority Business MicroEnterprise Grant Program

In March 2022, the City of Kettering launched a Minority Business Microenterprise Grant program to assist historically disadvantaged racial groups with starting a business in Kettering. The program includes a technical assistance series presented on business topics which are designed to help entrepreneurs understand the challenges of opening a business and avoiding pitfalls. This series is coupled with a microenterprise grant program that is available to historically disadvantaged racial minority groups.To apply for a microenterprise grant, the company must have five or fewer employees, and one of those five employees must be the owner of the business. In addition, applicants must attend at least three of the technical series sessions to apply for microenterprise grant, which are valued between $500 and $5,000. The grant can then be used for business equipment, inventory, necessary fixed assets, business promotion or other necessary business improvements.For the first round of this program, 13 business owners participated in the technical assistance seminars. Those who complete the entire series receive a one-year membership to the Kettering-Moraine-Oakwood Chamber of Commerce and will receive an additional 15 points added to any City of Kettering business loan or grant application.
If you are eligible for this program, but missed the spring 2022 session, a follow-up series is expected to be offered in the future. If your company is interested in participating in future rounds, please contact our Economic Development Manager.


The BusinessFirst! Program uses a customer-oriented approach to economic development designed to link businesses to resources in the community. The BusinessFirst! team is a coordinated group of more than 50 government agencies, development organizations and nonprofit corporations.
The goal of the program is to provide a single point of contact for all of your business needs. An Outreach Specialist, a professional in the economic development community, will learn more about your business and help to identify area resources to help you succeed in today’s competitive environment.
For more information, please contact our Economic Development Manager.


Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Program

This program generates fixed asset loans for small business expansions. These loans are well suited for construction and renovation projects.


Ohio Job Creation Income Tax Credit

State and municipal tax incentives for businesses that expand or locate in Kettering. State guidelines regulate the type of business and projects eligible for this incentive. A business can receive a refundable tax credit against its corporate franchise/income tax based on the state income tax withheld on new, full-time employees.
For more information, please contact our Economic Development Manager.

Ohio Investment in Training Program

This program provides financial assistance and technical resources for customized training involving employees of new and expanding businesses.
For more information, call 937-296-2412.
For more information, please contact our Economic Development Manager.


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