PRCA Job Application

Human Resources

February 15, 2018
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The PRCA Job Application is available for download below.

Completed applications can be submitted at one of our facilities, through the mail or via e-mail.


Download, complete and save. Send completed application to:

Attn: Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts
3600 Shroyer Road
Kettering, OH 45429

At one of our facilities:
Kettering Recreation Complex
2900 Glengarry Dr.
Kettering, OH 45420
Kettering Human
Resource Department
3600 Shroyer Road
Kettering, Ohio 45429
Kettering Fitness & Wellness Center
3351 Shroyer Road
Kettering, OH 45429
Rosewood Arts Centre
2655 Olson Dr.
Kettering, OH 45420
Parks Maintenance Center
3170 Valleywood Dr.
Kettering, OH 45429


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