Council Inquiry Management System

October 31, 2021

Council Inquiry Management System

The Council Inquiry Management System (CIMS) was created at the direction of Council.  CIMS allows accurate tracking and provides timely responses to Council Member inquiries.  Reports are provided prior to each City Council meeting showing inquiry volume and response timeliness.

Inquiries are submitted through the Clerk of Council via email.

  1. Council Members will send an email to and requesting that an inquiry ticket be opened.
  2. Include all pertinent information regarding the inquiry including a short description of the inquiry, name of business or resident who contacted Council Member, address or intersection, specific City department or facility involved or that needs to be alerted and any other helpful information.

Once a ticket is open, the following will occur:

  1. An email confirmation of the inquiry ticket creation will be sent to the inquiring Council Member. The email will show the member of the City Manager’s Office staff designated to respond to the inquiry.
  2. The City Manager’s Office staff will either respond to the ticket or refer the inquiry to another City staff person.  The referral to staff outside the City Manager’s office (Directors) will take place by email.
  3. All users will reply to all.
  4. Council Member inquiries will receive Directors’ email response directly
  5. If the response is confidential, the reply to all will state the confidentiality of the matter and speak with the City Manager.

When the inquiry is addressed, a member of the City Manager’s Office staff will respond with an update and the inquiry ticket will be closed. The CIMS report will reflect all activity involved.

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