Leaf Collection Update: Crews are currently working in District 5 and are progressing forward through the districts.  Districts are picked up in numerical order, so please have your leaves raked and placed by the curb before we get to your area. Please check the map for your leaf district.

Concrete Repair Program

Status Update:
October 18, 2018: The construction is 70% complete.
The project bid on April 19, 2018.
Project Description:
Includes the repair of existing concrete items including street panels, and medians on public streets, along with curb and flatwork in City parks and facilities.

Project Limits:
Various locations throughout the City of Kettering.


Adleta Construction, Inc
389 S. Wayne Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45215


Bid Results

Bid Tab

Project Engineer:  Irina Titova-Spang, P.E.
Email:  irina.titova-spang@ketteringoh.org
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