Concrete Repair Program and ADA Ramps

Status Update:

October 17, 2019: The handicap ramps on Woodman Drive and Marshall Road are now completed. The contractor continues to work at various locations throughout the city.

September 25, 2019: The installation of handicap ramps has started on Woodman Drive.

September 12, 2019: The installation of handicap ramps along Marshall Road continues.

August 27, 2019: Saw cutting for handicap ramp reconstruction along Marshall Road has begun.

July 29, 2019: Construction is expected to begin in early August 2019.
June 18, 2019: A pre-construction meeting with Adleta Construction is scheduled for today.
Bid Date: March 28, 2019.
Project Description:
Includes the repair of existing concrete items including street panels, and medians on public streets, along with curb and flatwork in City parks and facilities. The program also includes the upgrading of handicap ramps on public street corners.

Project Limits:
Various locations throughout the City of Kettering.

Bid Results

Bid Tab

Contractor: Adelta Construction

Project Engineer: Irina Titova-Spang, P.E.
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