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Citywide Traffic Signal System Upgrade

 Project Limit: 
Various locations throughout the City of Kettering.
Project Description:
The traffic signal system upgrade will:
Upgrade the City’s traffic system central software and hardware
Upgrade all the City’s traffic signal controllers
Upgrade conflict monitors with the central system communication capabilities
All Cameras will be replaced with upgraded cameras and improved cameras’ communication; the cameras will be equipped with lowering devices that will minimize down time and make the maintenance safer.
School Flashers will be upgraded with LED school flashers to minimize the amount of mechanical parts.  This will lead to fewer breakages and minimum down time.
Fiber optic redundant links will be introduced to minimize communications down time.
Retrofit traffic signal cabinets with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for communication panel that will provide communication throughout the system during power outages
Curb ramps will be retrofitted per ADA requirements where needed.
Capital Electric Inc.
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Status Update:
The project began in of May 2016.
Project Engineer: Irina Titova-Spang, P.E.
Email: irina.titova-spang@ketteringoh.org
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