CenterPoint Gasline Replacement Projects

CenterPoint Energy is actively working in the City of Kettering to replace gas mains and service lines over the next several years.   If you have any questions or concerns, please call CenterPoint at 800-227-1376.  

CenterPoint Press Release 2023

CenterPoint Map of Projects

2023 Project Areas

  • Big Hill, Westbury, Laurelwood, Tall Timber, Tamerlane, Echo Springs (V-2656 BSCI)
  • Greendale, Lenox, Pelham N & S, Indian Hill (V-2502 BSCI)
  • Horlacher, Barney, Flesher, Bauer, Russell (V-X-1307)
  • Ansel, Circleview, South, Gaylord, Winton, Osage (V-X-1977)
  • Rushland, N. Marshall, Devon, Sharon (V-1330 BSCI)
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