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Kettering’s Planning and Development Department provides “one-stop shopping” for all building- and zoning-related projects. Before starting your design, we recommend you first start with a review of the zoning rules for your project then review the detailed building code requirements. Unless the Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals is required, all construction projects automatically undergo simultaneous building and zoning review and only require a single application with the appropriate design documents.
Additional permits, usually secured by subcontractors, may also be required for items such as signage, mechanical, gas, electrical, plumbing or fire protection systems.

BuildingWhich Projects Require a Permit?

 Do I Need a Permit?

How Do I Apply for a Permit?

You can apply for a construction or zoning permit anytime online using our 24/7 Access Kettering tool or you may apply in person at the Planning and Development Department.

For detailed information about your project go to:
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Permit Forms and Fees
City of Oakwood Residents
The City of Kettering serves as the building department for the City of Oakwood. All residential and commercial permit applications for interior remodeling, additions and new buildings are processed through the City of Oakwood. Minor permits for plumbing, electrical, mechanical and fire protection systems may be applied for directly at City of Kettering Department of Planning and Development. Please note that any project affecting the exterior of a property (i.e., air conditioning condenser units) requires prior approval by the City of Oakwood. For more information, go to or City of Oakwood, 30 Park Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419, Ph: 937-297-2920.
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