Leaf Collection Update: Crews are currently working in District 5 and are progressing forward through the districts.  Districts are picked up in numerical order, so please have your leaves raked and placed by the curb before we get to your area. Please check the map for your leaf district.

Asphalt Overlay 2018

Status Update: 

July 17, 2018: This project is now complete.

July 3, 2018: Founders Drive and the Culver area are complete. The contractor is working in the Flowerdale neighborhood today. There is an additional layer to be added on Tait Road, south of Stroop. The contractor will be working July 5, 6 and 7th if needed.

June 26, 2018: The daily rain last week, did not allow for any paving work to be completed.  We are back on schedule this week in the same sequence as below.

June 18, 2018: The following streets will be milled this week:  Founders Drive and Tait Road, south of Stroop.  This will complete the milling phase for this year’s program.

Paving will be continue this week in the following order: Tait Road, south of Stroop Road, Flowerdale Drive area, Culver Ave area, Founders Road.

We hope to have this project complete by the 4th of July, weather permitting.

June 8, 2018: The milling crew should finish the plat off Dorothy Lane (Beech Hill/Cottonwood/Allendale/etc) on Saturday June 9th. The paving crew will complete that same area on Monday June 11th or Tuesday June 12th depending on the weather.  Milling should start back up on Thursday June 14th with the paving crew a day or two behind in the following order:

  • Plat off Marshall (Flowerdale/Bower/etc.) – 3 or 4 days to mill
  • Plat off Patterson (Culver/Briedweng/Hazel/etc.) – approx. 2 days to mill
  • Move to Founders, then to Tait – 1 or 2 days per street to mill

If all goes well, milling may be complete by around June 23rd with paving close behind the following week.

June 6, 2018: The contractor has begun work in the City, starting in the west part of Kettering.  They will mill off the asphalt surface, followed by paving of the new surface.  There may be several days in between each phase.  No parking signs will be posted in advance of the paving.  The process is anticipated to take 3-4 weeks.  For a more detailed schedule of the paving, feel free to contact the Engineering Department at 296-2436.

Project Description:
Each year the City of Kettering evaluates the conditions of all the city streets to create the annual street maintenance program.  After the streets are evaluated, they are then ranked according to the pavement condition and a list is created for the streets that may be paved this year.

Project Location:
This year’s Asphalt Overlay Program includes milling the existing asphalt and paving new asphalt on several residential streets.
2018 Asphalt Program – Street Maps
Barrett Paving
3751 Commerce Drive
Franklin, OH 45005
Bid Results
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Project Engineer: Chad Ingle,  P.E., P.S.
Email: Chad.Ingle@ketteringoh.org


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