50 Ways to Support a Healthy, Inclusive Community

Posted on May 16, 2019

Brought to you by the Kettering Board of Community Relations,

bringing neighbors together for 50 years!


  1. Make a point of introducing yourself to new neighbors, and saying hello often to familiar neighbors.
  2. Support local Kettering businesses, restaurants and service providers.
  3. Encourage your favorite local business to think about ways they could make their business more accessible for those with physical limitations and disabilities.
  4. Schedule a regular neighborhood walk with others who are interested in walking.
  5. Host or help organize a neighborhood Block Party. If approved, the City will deliver barricades, and you may receive a grant for FREE ICE CREAM provided by the BCR.
  6. Attend the annual Kettering Community Block Party at Lincoln Park Civic Commons to get to know your neighbors and city services.
  7. Keep your sidewalks clear of snow, ice and other debris.
  8. Assist your neighbors with keeping their sidewalks clear of snow, ice and other debris.
  9. Host or help organize a neighborhood garage sale.
  10. Invite your neighbors over for dessert or coffee.
  11. Assist your neighbors with raking leaves or mowing grass.
  12. Participate in the National Night Out festivities hosted by the Kettering Police Department on the 1st Tuesday in August.
  13. Invite your neighbors to join you on shopping trips, or offer to pick up items and save your neighbor a trip.
  14. Assist someone with unloading their groceries when they arrive home.
  15. Stay informed about issues facing renters by watching the BCR’s Tenant Q&A Workshop on the Kettering website.
  16. Stay informed about issues facing landlords by attending the Landlord Panel Discussion hosted by the BCR in October.
  17. Keep tree limbs and shrubs trimmed away from sidewalks.
  18. Assist your neighbors with keeping their tree limbs trimmed and away from sidewalks.
  19. Get to know older neighbors so you can better determine what assistance they may need to continue to live independently. The City has a full-time Senior Services Coordinator who can advise on numerous resources for older residents, such as housing, transportation, meal delivery services and more. Call (937) 296-3356.
  20. Encourage students to participate in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Contest sponsored by the BCR in January.
  21. Join online communities for your neighborhood to share information, concerns, reviews & recommendations.
  22. Become a City of Kettering Volunteer by calling the Volunteer Office at (937) 296-2433.
  23. Exchange pet sitting duties with a neighbor when you have to be away from home.
  24. Practice Random Acts of Kindness in your neighborhood (bring up trash cans, make sure papers are at the front door, etc.)
  25. You already pick up after your dog on walks, right? Take an extra bag and pick up trash while you’re at it!
  26. Attend a concert or free festival at the Fraze Pavilion.
  27. Buy groceries or a meal for someone behind you in line – it will make their day and remind them that Kettering is a kind and generous community.
  28. Volunteer in the schools to read to children.
  29. Take a class, attend an event, or see an exhibit at the Rosewood Arts Centre.
  30. Take a class, attend an event, or drop in on an activity at the Kettering Recreation Complex. The 1st Friday each month, you can try any drop-in exercise class FREE!
  31. Attend a school sporting event to cheer on the student athletes.
  32. Attend a school music or performing arts event to celebrate student achievements.
  33. Go deep and learn all about your community by applying for the Kettering Leadership Academy.
  34. Learn all about public safety by participating in the Kettering Citizen Police Academy.
  35. Nominate a neighbor for the Neighborhood Pride Award.
  36. Use the City’s quick and easy “Report an Issue” online tool to share a neighborhood concern.
  37. Attend a City Council Meeting (2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings) to learn more about the workings of your local government.
  38. Visit Kettering Connection inside Town & Country Shopping Center, a one stop information and referral service offered by the City of Kettering. Open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-12:30pm.
  39. Get to know your neighbors and work together in a program of mutual assistance by starting a Neighborhood Watch. The Kettering Police Dept. can help you get started at (937) 296-2555.
  40. Encourage your friends and family who may be considering a move to join you in Kettering! The City offers several Homebuyer Assistance Programs.
  41. Refer a neighbor who is in a dangerous financial situation or at risk of losing their home to the Homeownership Center of Greater Dayton – they are contracted to provide housing and financial counseling to Kettering residents. Call (937) 853-1600.
  42. Vote!
  43. Organize a neighborhood clean-up day.
  44. Apply to serve on a City Board by contacting the Clerk of Council or the appropriate staff liaison at 937-296-2400.
  45. Lead a safe routes to school walk with your child and other students before and after school. Call the Engineering Department at (937) 296-2436 to find out the safest places for children to walk, cross streets, and get to and from school.
  46. Visit Kettering’s two libraries for free programs, classes, information, technology, meeting space, entertainment, and inspiration.
  47. Refer friends and neighbors who are being treated unfairly by a landlord in Kettering to contact Montgomery County Fair Housing at (937) 223-6035.
  48. Set a goal to visit all 21 Kettering parks!
  49. Keep up to date on the latest Kettering news by following the official city accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  50. Explore all the resources and information available to you at ketteringoh.org.
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