Employment with Kettering

The City of Kettering provides a comprehensive, balanced and competitive benefits package as part of a total compensation package. The City’s benefits programs address both the immediate needs the employee and their family may have, such as medical coverage or dependent care assistance, and long-term needs, such as retirement savings.

All newly-hired full-time employees will be given a full benefits orientation by a member of the Human Resource staff during the first few days of employment.

Employment Opportunities

All job postings contain information regarding job duties and qualifications, salary range, benefits, closing date and materials required to apply.  Depending upon the recruitment and position, an application, resume or other documents may be required.  Applications / Resumes are only accepted for current job openings that are posted.

Previous applicants are welcome to submit an application or resume for listed open positions.

Featured Information

Inspection Codes

Permits must be issued and payment received prior to scheduling an inspection. If the inspection schedule is full for the preferred day, the request will honored for the next business day. Learn More


Each employer located within or doing business within the City of Kettering, who employs (one or more persons), is required to withhold Kettering income tax at the rate of 2.25% from all qualifying wages allocated or set aside for, or paid to, the employee(s). Qualifying wages are defined in IRC Section 3121(a), and generally appear in the Medicare Wage Box of the Form W2, with an exception to include exempt employees hired before April 1, 1986. In addition, all employers who are required to withhold Kettering tax are likewise required to file electronically with some exceptions. Learn More

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