Kettering Municipal Court

Kettering Municipal Court provides justice services for the communities of Kettering, Centerville, Moraine and Washington Township. The court is located at 2325 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, Ohio. Both the Court and Clerk of Court’s Office are open Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

The court handles misdemeanor traffic and criminal cases, as well as civil complaints up to $15,000 and small claims complaints up to $6,000. Preliminary hearings for felony cases are also conducted at Kettering Municipal Court.

All cases in Kettering Municipal Court are presided over by Honorable Frederick W. Dressel and the Honorable James F. Long. Civil and small claims cases are heard by Magistrate Richard Boucher. The elected Clerk of Court is Andrea White.

The Clerk of Court office is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding all of the public records for cases handled by Kettering Municipal Court. The office is also responsible for collecting and distributing fines, fees and costs associated with these cases. Payments for cases may be made in the form of cash, personal check, certified check or money order, Mastercard and Visa.

Records held by the Clerk of Court, and sessions held in Court, are open to the public. Case records are also accessible online at the Court’s website, along with information on directions, paying a ticket, costs and fines, court appearances, filing civil and small claims cases and other information.

The Court website is

For more information contact the Clerk of Court office at 937-296-2461 or the Judges’ Office at 937-296-2466.

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