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The City of Kettering Cities of Service team will be celebrating the great Oak Park Neighborhood! If you live in the Oak Park area (or anywhere!), and you’d like to be a part of our team, please call the volunteer office at 937-296-2433 or email us. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make this a year of community building and celebrations. Check back for updates announcing our upcoming events.

berwin park Neighbors:

Our neighborhood of focus this year was Berwin Park. We started in October 2015 with a national Make a Difference Day cleanup, and ended in June with a neighborhood-wide celebratory block party. Educational sessions for residents were held monthly at the government building along with a community-wide garage sale and bulk-trash pickup.

This year our Cities of Service initiative received a national award for its innovation in programming. We’ve teamed up with the Red Cross to install free smoke detectors in residents’ homes. We also partnered with the Little Miami Watershed Network to educate residents on the importance of protecting our watershed.

2016 Make A Difference Day Video 

Our volunteers make a difference!

Every year on Make a Difference Day over 200 volunteers give of their time and talent to assist with the improvement of our neighborhoods. We would like to personally thank all of our volunteer groups and individuals who help make an impact in our community. You make a difference!

The 2016 Make a Difference Day was yet another success, thanks to the volunteers! Our main project was tree planting in Berwin Park. Additionally, we had volunteers of all ages creating cards for our troops, clearing out honeysuckle brush in a park, and taking part in a watershed conservation project.     

Check out this year’s accomplishments!

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Cities of Service is a national nonprofit that supports mayors to design and implement high-impact service strategies that can be replicated in cities worldwideLearn more.


Thanks to the Dor-Wood Optimists for our tool trailer we use at every Cities of Service cleanup event.


Check out what we’ve done so far in our neighborhoods. View our gallery of photos from our past Cities of Service events and our Impact Reports to see what we have accomplished! View more.




Ohio’s former First Lady assists with our watershed protection project.


Our Community Partners are comprised of many individuals and community organizations joining together to make this initiative a reality. 

Would you like more information about the Cities of Service Initiative? Feel free to contact the Volunteer Office at 937-296-2434 or email us for more information.

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