Leaf Pick-Up

Information Line (937) 296-3255   

Daily Leaf Pick-Up Operations            st_leafs_000                                     

County ordinance prevents burning of leaves and leaf volume is too great for trash haulers. Therefore, it is necessary for the City of Kettering to collect leaves during the fall.

If leaves were left on the streets, 
potential drainage problems in underground storm sewer systems may occur. The piles of leaves would also contribute to traffic accidents and parking problems.

  • Prior to collection, rake your leaves as close to the curb as possible – being careful to avoid the street. Please do not place leaves in bags.
  • Do not mix grass clippings, tree branches or brush with your leaves. Instead, take your tree branches and brush to the City’s Yard Debris Drop-Off Center located on Woodman Center Drive.
  • The City is divided into 11 districts, which are collected in numeric order. Click the link below to determine your district.
  • Dead ends and circles may require use of smaller equipment. These crews may follow a separate schedule.
  • The collected leaves are composted to make free mulch and compost, which is available to residents during the Spring and Summer.
  • Leaves not collected may be taken to our Yard Debris Center.

District Information

Leaf District Map
Once you’ve located your district, collection days in your area may be determined by calling our pre-recorded information line.

Leaf Pick Up Information Line:
(937) 296-3255