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Utilizing innovative realistic, high intensity protective gear and simulation products

kpd_logoThe Kettering Police Department is utilizing innovative realistic, high intensity protective gear and simulation products.

Such training provides officers with realistic scenarios whereby they are required to select and apply the appropriate level of force to resolve situations.

This type of training places emphasis on the officers’ decision-making skills as well as providing an opportunity to assess verbalizational techniques, defensive tactics and firearms proficiency.

Such an approach to use of force training is innovative and it is responsive to use of force legal issues which require judgment training be incorporated into such programs.

Other Areas of Training

DUI/Standardized Field Sobriety Testing – This training increases the officers’ abilities to detect, apprehend and prosecute DUI offenders

Pursuit Driving – All officers are required to have 24 hours of initial training and then practical update training annually.

F.A.T.S. – Officers are exposed to this judgmental firearms training as a part of an ongoing firearms training program.

Specialized training in topic-specific areas from OPOTA, IACP, PATC, Northwestern Traffic Institute and IPTM, among others.

Chris Sanford – Training Officer

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