Rehabbing A Home


The City of Kettering has a variety of low-interest loan programs to encourage and assist homeowners with financing necessary home repairs as well as remodeling homes throughout the City.

City of Kettering Housing Rehabilitation Program

Low Interest Loans and Deferred Loans

Through the City of Kettering Community Development Block Grant Program, the City sponsors a housing rehabilitation program to assist income eligible homeowners to make necessary repairs. Depending on a household’s income, a household would qualify for a loan with a zero to three-percent interest rate. The terms of the loan are based on the applicant’s ability to repay the loan.

The application for a rehabilitation loan can be downloaded and printed only for your convenience. We are cannot accept online applications at this time as this section of the City website is not secure for transmitting the confidential information this application requires.

Application Housing Rehab Loan 2015


Several types of repairs or improvements are eligible under the Housing Rehabilitation Program:

• Heating, plumbing and electrical systems
• Roof replacement
• Windows and doors
• Insulation and siding

City staff works with the homeowner to identify repairs that need addressed, assist the homeowner in choosing a contractor and monitor the quality of construction with the homeowner.

To participate in the low-interest and deferred loans, qualifying residents must own and occupy a single-family residential property. The gross household income must be below the amounts listed below:

2016 Income Limits (80% of median)

Household Size Household Income
1 $33,350
2 $38,100
3 $42,850
4 $47,600
5 $51,450
6 $55,250
7 $59,050
8 $62,850

The housing rehabilitation program procedures are briefly described as follows:

• Once the household is determined to be income eligible, the City construction specialist performs interior and exterior inspections.

• The homeowner seeks estimates from contractors and decides which contractor to hire.

• The homeowner completes loan documents for the amount of the loan. A mortgage for the amount of the loan is filed.

• The City construction specialist will inspect the project weekly with the homeowner to ensure quality construction work and that the homeowner is satisfied with the construction work.

All home repairs funded through our housing rehabilitation program will meet our Housing Rehabilitation Standards.  Completed applications should be delivered in person or mailed to:

Planning & Development Department, City of Kettering, 3600 Shroyer Rd, Kettering OH 45429.

For more information about our Rehab Programs or for assistance in completing the application, please contact the Community Development Program Coordinator at 296-2441 extension 4022.


The City of Kettering offers grants for Emergencies and Accessibility Modifications of up to $7500.00 for anyone who meets the 50% AMI Income Guidelines. The program guidelines for those programs are available in the rehab guidelines . Please check to see if you are eligible here 2016-rehab-program-guidelines.
If you would like a program application you can request one by calling the Community Development Program Coordinator at 296-2441 ext. 4022.

2016-Income-Limits 50% AMI EME & Accessibility

            2016 Income Limits (50% of Median)
              Emergency & Accessibility Grants
Household Size                                       Household Income
1                                                                $20,850
2                                                                $23,800
3                                                                $26,800
4                                                                $29,750
5                                                                $32,150
6                                                                $34,550
7                                                                $36,900
8                                                                $39,300

Historic Preservation and Proposed Federally Funded Projects

Clearance for some Community Development projects must be obtained from the Ohio Historic Preservation Office prior to commitment of funds. Historic review of these projects must comply with Section 106 standards set by the Secretary of the Interior. Information regarding historic review for current or proposed projects is available at the City of Kettering Planning and Development Department. Questions, comments, or objections regarding historical preservation at proposed Community Development projects may be directed to the Community Development Program at 937-296-3020. Written comments may be submitted to the City of Kettering Community Development Program, Planning and Development Department, 3600 Shroyer Road, Kettering, Ohio 45429.

Services provided by the City of Kettering and the Planning & Development Department do not discriminate on the basis of age, handicap, race, sex, religion, ethnic background, family status or ancestry.

It is the policy of the City of Kettering to make all services accessible to all persons, in accordance with state and/or federal laws. If you have a disability that requires accommodation in order for you to participate in this program, please contact us at (937) 296-2441 or 800-750-0750 (TTY). Reasonable efforts shall be made to provide these accommodations.

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