Prosecutor’s Office Division FAQs

Prosecutor’s Office Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I call the Law Department for legal advice?
Answer: No. The Law Department only provides legal advice to City of Kettering and employees in matters relating to their official duties. You should contact a private attorney for personal legal advice.

Question: I am required to appear in court—can I get the date changed?
Answer: Requests for court appearance changes should be made by your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, you will need to contact the Court—not the Prosecutor—to request permission to change your court date.

Question: When is a prosecutor assigned to a court case?
Answer: A prosecutor is assigned to a case once the defendant has made a plea in court.

Question: Will the prosecutor drop charges at my request?
Answer: No, the prosecutors do not drop charges. A case must go through the normal court process and will be resolved either at pre-trial or at trial.

Question: Is there a victim advocate for domestic violence victims?
Answer: The Artemis Center for Alternatives to Domestic Violence has a hotline for victims of Domestic Violence: 937-222-SAFE (7233). The advocates are very helpful and work with the prosecutors and court on a regular basis.

Question: Has a warrant been issued for my arrest?
Answer: Call the police department, 937-296-2555 and request that information.

Question: How can I request a public defender?
Answer: You must go to court and ask the judge.

Question: Can I just pay a fine without having to appear in court?
Answer: Call the Clerk of Courts’ office and ask if this is permitted in your case.

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