Activity Workout Criteria

Following our program participation point system, a range of one to six points will be awarded for participation in any of the following categories that meet the activity-specific criteria:

I.   Strength training exercise only: Minimum of 15 min. continuous duration strength training (free weights, strength training machines, floor based bodyweight activities, tubing or other forms of non-weighted resistance) in either single or multiple set format).  Strength training workout should be entire body, include all major muscle groups and antagonistically formatted (balanced opposing muscle groups).

II.   Cardiovascular only or cardiovascular and strength training combined: 65% of THR, or higher, must be maintained with activity to qualify as cardiovascular.  It heart rate requirement is not met, refer to Walking criteria (below).  Cardiovascular activities include cycling, rowing, jogging/running, swimming, elliptical machine exercising, rollerblading, etc.

III.  Group Exercise: Group exercise acceptable in most formats (low impact, cardio funk, trim & tone, step, zumba, pilates, Jazzercise, Yoga, water aerobics (shallow or deep water) etc.) are all acceptable.  If you have questions please contact Jim Engelhardt.

IV.  Walking: Can be performed indoors (track) or outdoors (track, path, sidewalk or roads) @45-65% of THR.  Please be careful to avoid roadway hazards or slick, unstable surfaces when walking outdoors.

V.  Sports Activities:Includes traditional sports with continuous activity such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, racquetball, etc.  Rest intervals may be present but should be brief between matches or games.  Since establishing heart rates is difficult with this activity, participants should be warm and sweating with increased respiration and heart rate.

If you have questions on these changes or the program in general, please contact your department representative or Jim Engelhardt (2587).

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