Program Benefits

It pays to play! There are several ways through the Incentive Program that employees can earn gift certificates and additional participation points.

Wellness Employee of the Month

The Wellness Committee will select a Wellness Employee of the Month. Winners will receive $50. The award will be given to employees who:

• Demonstrate active participation and leadership/encouragement in the program.
• Experience significant personal success (examples include achieving weight loss goals, quitting smoking or improved physical condition).

Wellness Event Awards

At wellness events throughout the year, participating employees in attendance will have the chance to win $50.

Annual Participation Bonus

Would you like to earn a cash bonus? It’s easy! Employees earn participation points by working out and attending screenings and lectures. Employees who accumulate 500 (420 from activity points and 80 from lectures & screenings) or more points within the program period (11/1 – 10/31) will receive $250.

The 2013 year-end bonus has also changed for some employees.  The bonus will be paid directly into your HSA account.  Some employees are not eligible for this bonus.  See your Wellness Committee representative for more details.

Participation Point System – See detailed criteria.

Individual Exercise/Workout — various points depending per workout duration and type
Health/Wellness Education Lecture — 10 points per lecture
Health Screenings — 5 to 20 pts depending on type of screening

Ready to Get Started?

Here’s how you do it!

• Schedule your HRA appointment with KMC. If you are not participating in the HRA, simply register for the participation component at the Kettering Recreation Complex or Kettering Fitness & Wellness Center.
• Begin your activity and track your points using the participation log or submit online.
• Attend future health screenings and lectures to earn even more points!

Get healthy, lose weight, improve your physical condition, feel better!

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