Vectren Pipeline Replacement Projects


Vectren Pipeline Replacement Projects

Vectren Corporation is actively working in the City of Kettering to replace gas mains and service lines over the next several years.   Please check back to this page for future projects Vectren is working on.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Engineering Department at 296-2436.

Project Limit:

Streets that will be affected during the replacement of the pipeline inlcude: Shroyer Road from Brydon Road to Stroop Road, Aberdeen Avenue, Telford Avenue and Forrer Boulevard.

Project Description:

Vectren has contracted with Fishel to replace gas mains on Shroyer Road, and Miller Pipeline to perform related restoration of the roadway and grass lawns.  Work is planned to start in the coming months, and will continue into 2017.   If you have questions, please contact Vectren at 800-227-1376, and reference the Shroyer Road pipeline replacement project.  Replacement of gas mains on the local neighborhood streets is scheduled for 2017.

Vectren Gas Replacment Press Release

Map of Pipelines to be Replaced
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