Flood Protection

May 1958 Flood 2 002         1958 Flood 1 001   

Kettering, May 1958                                                                 Kettering, May 1958

Flood, July 1960, 3548 Valleywood, GrayFlood, July 1960, Photo 1, Gray

Kettering, Valleywood Drive, July 1960                                 Kettering, July 1960

Flood, July 1960, Photo 2, Gray    Flood, July 1960, Photo 3, Gray

Kettering, July 1960                                                             Kettering, July 1960




The City of Kettering, the State of Ohio and the federal government jointly prepared a flood insurance study to better document the flood-prone areas in the City of Kettering in 1980. Since then, the city has focused its efforts on reducing potential flooding.  As a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program, the city participates in a community outreach service that could lower your flood insurance rates.


The City of Kettering wants to make you aware of the flood hazard to your property, what the city is doing about flooding and some of things you can do to reduce your risk.

Flood Safety

Protection of Property

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Great Ohio Flood of 1913




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